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A Trauma-Intensive Workshop for Caregivers
A Resource Parent Curriculum that educates caregivers about the impact of trauma on the development, attachment, emotions and behaviors of the children in their care; plus guides parents in improving their relationship with their children and their ability to manage ongoing and daily challenges.

RPC+ will provide a safe space for caregivers to access compassionate training, learn concrete strategies, enhance relationships with their children and build a network of support and connections with fellow caregivers. Children will have the opportunity to spend time with their peers in a supportive and enriching environment designed to increase emotional regulation and a sense of competency. 

RPC+ Components:

  • RPC+ Caregiver Workshop – An 10 week long (2.5 hour/class) workshop for foster and kin parents, and parents who have adopted children who have experienced trauma.
  • RPC+ for Kids – Concurrent Children’s Groups will be run by the local mental health agency. The groups will incorporate neuro biological (“patterned, repetitive rhythmic somatosensory”) activities such as drumming, therapeutic art/music, yoga, dance and/or mediation to increase competency and improve self regulation.

    For more information and for the current schedule contact:

           Amy Bielawski-Branch, MS, LCMHC