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Licensed Vermont Adoption Agencies

In Vermont adoption agencies licensed to work with families are all members of The Vermont Consortium for Adoption and Guardianship. 

The Consortium endorses only working with a licensed adoption agency to obtain a home study.

Moneygeek.com provides information regarding the cost of adopting here and also has a special guide for LGBTQ parents that you can access here

Contact information for these agencies are below:

(802) 355-0150

Website: https://www.adoptionadvocatesvt.com/

(603) 483-2886

website: https://www.bethany.org

(800) 982-3678

Website: http://www.friendsinadoption.org

(802) 864-7467

Website: http://lundvt.org 

(781) 894-5330

Website: https://www.whfc.org 



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