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Post Permanency Family Support

The Continuing Journey of Children and Families: An Informational Guide for those Parenting by Adoption or Guardianship


 is now available and you can click here to download this valuable resource. 


While parenting always has its ups and downs, families who are formed through adoption and guardianship face unique experiences, both rewarding and challenging. Additionally, families joined by kinship or identifying as transracial/transcultural families have other unique dynamics that are touched upon in this document. Some challenges come at predictable times and because they are predictable, the information in this guide can help your family prepare for what may lay ahead.


Additional resources that are referenced in this booklet are able to be accessed below:

To download the Trauma Loss History form click here

To Download the Recognizing and Understanding your Expectations form click here

To down load the Effects for Caregiving form click here

To down load the Circle of Support form click here

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