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Our September Message is Here!

Sep 19, 2019

September is a time of change and transition - sometimes we welcome this - other times we dread it.  Our children feel the same - and school can sometimes create anxiety.  This month's message includes alternative ideas to share with teachers to help them avoid those triggering assignments - like bringing in a baby picture!

Also in this issue are ideas for hikes and bikes you might want to try - it's important for us all to get outside and moving - research is clear that people experience healing and calm when in nature. 

We are re-running Simone Cote's article Transracial Adoption: Beyond Unconditional Love - take a moment to read this and whether or not you are a transracial family - or open to becoming one - Simone makes you pause and think about the role each of us can play in making Vermont a safe and healthy place to be a child of color.

And finally - you have a chance to add to our upcoming November Newsletter - Let us know what you and your family are grateful for - email vtadoption@vermont.gov - and include a picture if you can!

Click here to read all of September's Message from the Consortium - Happy September!

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