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Happy Holidays!

Dec 22, 2020
The holiday season presents multiple challenges to any family, especially now, and when you layer on being an adoptive or guardianship family it can be even tougher. Make sure you schedule some time for…

Pivoting towards gratitude

Nov 30, 2020
November is National Adoption month and in this month's message you will find photos from families celebrating their adoption - the pandemic couldn't stop them from adopting the children they love! Also…

Recognizing Vermont's Adoption Month

Nov 30, 2020
Please listen to the reading of the Proclamation of November being Adoption Month in Vermont - and hear what adoption means to adoption professionals around the state - just click here

The Pandemic is Taking a Toll - there's Support Available

Nov 17, 2020
Extra Support During the Pandemic? During these difficult times could you use some emotional support and a listening ear? Are you looking for connections to community resources during the pandemic? COVID…

Attunement - Adoption - and so much more this month!

Oct 21, 2020
As we move through October it can feel that our outside time is slipping away - but don't let the colder weather slow you down. Sometimes the briskness and the smell of wood smoke can be just what our…

Build your family's resilience and have fun doing it!!

Oct 05, 2020
With the pandemic still impacting our daily lives, it has become more important than ever to nurture our family's ability bounce back when things change, or in some cases go wrong. Resilience is the capacity…

Have fun working towards being a multicultural family - and more in the Fall Newsletter

Aug 28, 2020
It’s time to be planning for children returning to school, and this year the uncertainty surrounding education is taking a toll on many families. Parents are having to dig deep to cope, and to help their…

July's Message from the Consortium appreciates all that parents have been doing

Jul 21, 2020
The July issue of the Consortium's message is dedicated to all of the parents who over the last few months have stepped into expanded roles. You will find: messages, quotes, and pictures appreciating…

The June Message from the Consortium

Jun 12, 2020
This month the Consortium is highlighting: upcoming summer trainings the launch of the National Adoption Competency Mental Health Training Initiative in Vermont resources to support your journey to…

Please Enjoy the Summer Newsletter

May 22, 2020
It seems that the weather has broken and summer is really on it's way!  Such a welcome reprieve as two months of restricted movement without great weather has created emotional challenges for many families…
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